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Concrete Scanning
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Concrete Scan/'X-ray', Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys (GPR), Geophysical Surveys, Leak Detection, Pipe & Cable locating.

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ScanMan provides a variety of concrete scanning & GPR services in all environments and on all surfaces.

ScanMan use the latest technology in Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS). We provide Concrete Scanning Brisbane, 3d imaging and power cable detection/utilities location services.

Our trained GPR service technicians are experienced in locating rebar, post tension cables, tanks, utilities, voids, pipe, conduit, and underground objects, by using the most advanced in ground penetrating radar and services location technology.

For your company and employee’s safety call ScanMan before you dig, drill or demolish.

Scan Before You Dig. Save Time & Money

  • Underground Locators - Safety for your company & workers!
  • Utilities Locators - Find it before you dig it up by mistake!
  • Concrete Inspectors - Get the information you need!
  • Pipe and Cable Locators - Seeing inside it will save you $$$!
  • Concrete Scanning - Fast, reliable, professional service!

We Complete Scans All Over Australia & Beyond

ScanMan is available for on-site work Australia wide. We are also available for larger projects further abroad.

Professionally, factory trained operators, using the latest technology and over 30 years experience within the building & construction industry. We are able to deliver what your site needs, including safety plans, SWMS and timely service.

Projects large and small, affordable prices and discount rates negotiated with developers.

We are Australia's leading on-site concrete scanning & GPRS company. Talk to us today.

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If you would like to hire ScanMan in Brisbane & South East Queensland for geophysical surveys, underground cable locator services, concrete x ray services, and cable locating services
projects that requires a GPR application then get in touch and we can provide a quote.

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International: +61420 30 7226

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