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Features to Look For in Pipe Locating Tools and Systems

Water damage, when occurs in the house, is hard to detect without using some kind of pipe locating system. If such a tool is not available severe water loss may take place along with seepage in concrete walls and other moisture problems. Two types of pipe locating tools are commonly used by plumbers to detect underground pipe leakages - active tools and passive tools. Passive pipe locating systems only issue a warning tone when a leak is detected. Further steps must be taken by the operator himself. On the other hand, active systems not only generate an alarm but also perform a function to stop or minimize water leakage.
A leak detection system that consists of a remote water sensor is very useful as it can operate wirelessly and can be installed anywhere in the house. Some tools make use of flow sensors and timers that record the patterns of water usage in the house. If there is an indication of unusual water usage at some point, it means there is a water leak at that point. Moreover, if daily water usage exceeds a pre-recorded limit the device generates an alarm which is an indication of water leakage.
Another useful feature of pipe locating tool is its ability to connect to the home security system. Such a system is controlled by a third party monitoring company. When water damage is reported the company immediately sends help to prevent further loss and harm. Resetting these systems to the original mode is easy and straight forward. One only has to press a switch and the system will be connected or disconnected depending on the operation.
Some of these systems consist of temperature sensors that send an alarm when the temperature in the house drops to an upsetting point. This is to prevent water loss when the water freezes in the pipes and causes leaks. It is useful to know which remote moisture sensor triggered the alarm in order to pinpoint the location of the leakage point. Some active pipe locating systems consist of a control panel that gives information about the leakage point and number of sensors connected to it.
Reliable and effective systems are those which not only detect the leak but also take steps to correct the problem. There are many manufacturers out there that produce good quality and steadfast leak detection systems. However, before buying a product to detect leaking pipes in your house, make sure you have correctly assessed your situation and know what type of a tool will be best suited to your needs and requirements.
The leak detection systems come with instruction manuals and other information that explain the working of each part and component in detail. It is mandatory that you gain knowledge about the operation of these devices before installing them in order to obtain accurate and timely results. Once installed, make sure you change the batteries of wireless sensors periodically so that the systems keep running smoothly.

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