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Detecting Leaking Pipes

If a pipe which is located underground or underwater has some sort of a leakage, it becomes very necessary to trace that leaking pipe and also the place from where the leakage is taking place. If the leakage is not detected, it can not only prove to be a financial loss, but can also prove to be fatal if the pipe is carrying gas or sewerage wastes.
For this reason it becomes essential to detect leaking pipes. It is generally believed that gas and vapor leaks are common in any industry. However, the point that one should be concerned about is whether the leak is a minute one or it is a constant leakage that can put the health of the people of a certain area or the employees of a certain factory in danger. When the leak is detected, an action is taken do deal with the leaking pipe.
In order to locate the leakage in a certain pipe, one can use different techniques like using electronic devices, chemicals, and devices that are sensitive to sound waves. Leak detectors, like pipe and cable locators, are devices that one can carry in one´s hand. It is very important for such detectors to be handy as detecting leaking pipes can be a difficult task when one is trying to figure out the leaking pipe from a complex web of pipes.
In some instances, the helium gas is inserted into pipes carrying other gases, and the leakage detector can detect escaping helium from a certain pipe, and also the exact location form where it is being leaked.
In domestic usage, it becomes very difficult for a person to tell if an underground pipe is leaking. If the pipe is, say, water pipe, then the water seeps deep into the ground without creating any effect on the surface. This results in the wastage of water without any kind of notification. For gas pipe leakage, it might be too late to figure out a gas pipe leakage and the whole house can catch fire, not to mention losing of precious lives in such incidents. The million dollar question, therefore, is how to detect that an underground pipe is leaking?
Following are some of the tips that are widely appreciated in the plumbing industry and that can help you detect any sort of leakage in house, before it is too late.
The signs of having a leakage in pipes are:

  1. If you feel that the water and gas bills are remarkably higher than routine bills.
  2. The readings of water and gas meters changing even when you are not using the water or gas.
  3. When the walls look soggy or discolored.
  4. If you hear the sound of running water even when the taps are closed. Same goes for detecting the smell of gas.
  5. A concrete slab that has cracks on it, or looks damp.
  6. If you feel moisture under your carpet.

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