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Concrete Slab X-Ray

The use of electromagnetic rays for the purposes of concrete slab x-rays has been in vogue for quite some time and forms the basis of initial inspection by invariably all the concerned who intend to carry out construction or building work in certain vicinity.
There are numerous organizations in operation who are expert in this business of concrete slab x-rays. Having said that, you ought to carry out the requisite due diligence and background check on the performance and modes that such organizations adopt in achieving the desired results. A comparative analysis of their profiles and the costs for such services ought to be conducted and on such basis an informed decision need to be taken to achieve the desired objectives and simultaneously comforting the safety and security measures that should be in place.
Such organisations commonly rely on the radioactive materials such as Cobalt 60 and Iridium 192 as a means of radiation to detect the obstructions in a structure or beneath the surface or ground.
It is quite common for bricks or slabs in thickness of around eighteen inches to be radiographed. However, shooting is only suggested for slabs within the thickness range of fifteen inches or lower. Such radiations are used to detect passages or conduits, reinforcing steel such as rods, beams and concrete, cable wires of any nature and thickness, plumbing works, fire break mechanism etc before drilling or cutting of the surface or structure can be undertaken, in particular, in tall structures and buildings.
It is quite common to shoot from the top end of a structure with the intention that the radioactive rays will penetrate through the slab in between and reflected through the film as placed at the ceiling at the bottom. This is by far one of the most precise and effective ways of detecting the obstructions, as mentioned above.
Of utmost concern and attention is the safety aspect which is often associated with the use of radioactive substances at open places and its exposure to humans. It is scientifically proven that radiations may have long term and harmful effects on the human body; hence this should be the foremost concern each time a structure of building is being x-rayed. Towards this, it is suggested that an area of hundred inch in diameter around the concerned area which will be exposed to radiation should be cleared so as to disallow people in such vicinity. Likewise, evacuation is also required within an area of around sixty inches in diameter around the concerned area where the film is situated.
Certain rituals ought to be performed prior to commencement of scanning. The lessor or building owner should be intimated before hand, elevator and emergency exits need to be marked specifying its usage or non-usage and the designation of the area for mobile x-ray darkroom should be appropriately identified (by means of sign boards or hoardings) and reserved.
Also, digital wall x-rays can be resorted to, to procure digital like pictures which will identify the obstructions, thereby making the drilling exercise through the walls much easier.

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